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Monday, February 01, 2010

Daisy Grace

Daisy wants all to know she is not ready to join "All dogs who go to heaven". Her eating has greatly improved. I added a little shredded cheese to her diet and yesterday I made chicken soup and gave her some of the soft cooked dark meat. She absolutely loved it. This morning I gave her a teaspoon of yogurt, a table spoon of soup chicken and a table spoon of shredded cheese and she ate it all. This is a big deal. Also there was no evidence of any fluids passing during the night. That is also major. So, we're thankful for some semblance of normalcy. Maybe those Hail Marys and positive thoughts are helping.

It's amazing how she can look to be on death's door one day and actually even a little perky the next. I am sure eating helps. We'll take it day by day.
Peace and thanks for the positive thoughts,
Rob, Mary and Daisy Grace


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