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Friday, August 28, 2009


It's finally a payday Friday. This is our third Friday. The first one evidently didn't count other than to yank us out of our summer mode and prep us for the year. I am currently in the library with two classes and my 4A lunch students. It's pretty chill in here right now. I actually had one of our top ten students ask for music to be played and then complain that Seal wasn't "Rock enough" for her.
Last night was Back to School Night and we had to be here from five-thirty till eight. I could have skipped it being that I'm a short timer and all, but I'd rather take time off when I really wanted to do something else like fish or play golf than just to take off. Really it would be kind of a slacker move and I don't want people to talk about how Nerius took off on BTSN or Parent Teacher Conferences and such.
We haven't talked to Nora much this week. Classes have started and she still has clinicals to do...and then there's work. ...Ah the life of a college student bar maid.
Mary's doing well. Last weekend we went to my step-brother David's daughter's wedding. It was held outside at a farm south of Joliet. The coolest ting was that the bride and her maids were brought to the "altar" in a hay wagon pulled by an amazing John Deere tractor. Rachel and her new husband are really just kids but they are very nice and they have great family and friends for support. I am sure their marriage will be blessed. The big surprise was my ersatz cousin Jeff was there and it was great getting caught up with him. Jeff is Shirley's eldest sister's oldest son and he is in Catholic education in Milwaukee. For those who don't know Shirley is my father's wife. My dad died over fifteen years ago and we have little or no contact with Shirley. In fact, she was not even at her grand daughter's wedding...long story, possibly not bloggable.
Well the wedding was fun and it was fun to get out on the dance floor with Mary again. She even did some hot polka with Jeff. That was fun to watch.
This weekend we have no particular plans and I kind of like it that way.
The guitar is going well. I decided to take a crack at joining the music ministry at church. I really didn't know if I was good enough but at my "audition" the music director seemed to be very excited about adding me to the mix and scheduled my debut for the Saturday night mass on the 12Th of September. I'm already nervous but really excited. I'm calling this activity "getting the guitar out of the basement". I played outside quite a bit this summer. I really liked playing on the boardwalk in Quebec and on the roof deck in Mendocino. I'm not really ready for the street yet...that's my ultimate goal, to get my street performer's license. But lessons and practice make better.
OK it's lunch time. I'm a brown bagger and I like it that way.
Peace to you and to those you love.
Have a great weekend.


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