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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A moment of peace

Hey all!
We went to visit Nora at Augie this past weekend. The annual parents brunch for Delta Chi Theta, her sorority, was held on Sunday at a very nice hotel in Davenport Iowa. Mary and Daisy and I drove down on Saturday morning. We got to her house around twelve-thirty and then we went out for some lunch and to run some errands. We me two of her roommate's' parents and thought we might connect with them later in "The District" but that never happened. Nora had to work Saturday night from five to eleven so we planned to just go to her bar The Rock Island Brewing Company (RIBCO) to have a few drinks, watch her ply her waitressing skills and to hear the bands. Once we got checked into our hotel Mary and I went for an extensive walk around Davenport. It's quite the little town. It's on the Mississippi River and it's definitely and old town that has gone through some renovation due to the gambling boat. We did venture onto the boat, but one whiff of smoke and we were out of there; neither gambling nor smoke for us.

Around seven-thirty or eight we went to RIBCO to see Nora. She's quite the bar maid. She's friendly. She listens to her customers and she seems to have boundless energy and enthusiasm. We met the bosses and the bar tenders. They seemed nice and from what I could see their interactions with Nora were appropriate. The District is kind of like a walking mall with no cars and lots of bars and whatnot shops. Our concern for her safety was allayed when Nora told us that the owners/bartenders insist on walking all servers to their cars after their shifts. Oh, by the way the shifts are five to eleven and eleven to three-thirty a.m. Oh to be young... Our time kind of flew by. We had a few drinks, I had a fish sandwich and Mary had a salad and the bands came and played, etc. We got to watch Nora count her drawer at the end of the night and gleefully announce that she had made about $130.00 in tips. Now that's what I'm talking about...

The brunch was very nice. Nora and Elsa were minor celebrities because they were the Pledge Moms who were responsible for the new Delta Chi's. We sat at a complete table. That means that we had a senior, Tommi Nora's big, Nora, Nichola's big and Bri the new girl. The parents were all there and it's interesting to see the ones who know what's going on and new parents who are really wondering what their daughters have gotten involved in. Once the speakers come up one is bound to be impressed with the leadership in the organization. Nora's and Elsa's speech about pledging was funny and informative. The food was plentiful and good. Mary got to talk to the chef and he was able to assure her that the eggs, bacon and sausage and hash browns were all gluten free. OK, too much info...

After we checked out we went back to Nora's place and then to Target to get more bins for the move to her new house. We also met Elsa's parents to coordinate the move of two couches, a big chair, a coffee table and many bins to where she will be living from June 2009 to June 2010. The place is very nice. The current occupants were very kind to allow Nora and Elsa to pre-move some of their big stuff while we had the van. Nora plans to live in Rock Island for the summer and to continue to work and make money. She student teaches in the winter, but will be doing at least thirty hours of clinical observations at Davenport West, the school she will be student teaching at during the fall. She will also be attending the first week of school with her cooperating teacher so she will have a good idea of how to set up a room and start a school year.

Daisy has a hole in her face where her groomer, Geoff removed a tick a month ago and it is still healing. That has us concerned. She may also have a dental issue. Daisy is getting old and she's a skinny little thing. She has us a little concerned.

Mary celebrated her one year "Birthday" on the 29th of April. My God how this year has flown by and the changes that have occurred. Mary is doing very well. She looks good and and seems to feel good. I can't be thankful enough for this miracle.

We plan to travel extensively this summer. We are going to to Quebec City with Carole and Daniel. We plan to snatch Bette up and bring her home for a week or so on our way back. We'd like to stop in New Philly on our way back from bringing Bette back to PA. We will be going to California to see Mary's sisters and I am sure there will be several trips to the Quad cities.

When this school year ends I will have one year till retirement. It seems like a dream..the place is a bit of a nightmare. It is definitely not the school or the district I entered almost thirty years ago. It is time for me to go and for Mary and I to start our new lives. That's when we will hopefully get to the Atlantic Ocean to see Dan and Nancy or to Michigan to see Cindy and John or to New Mexico to see Candice or Florida to see Carole and Daniel or to your house where ever you may be. Then there's Egypt and Machu Pichu and Italy and who knows where and golf and fishing and my career as a street musician and ...I am getting ahead of myself.

I am working on a couple of songs that I might play with the school jazz band at the annual Jazz at the 'Ridge. I'm not sure if I can pull it off, but as I work on the songs I am sure I am learning something new. I'll let you know how it goes.

I am thankful for all that I have especially the for my family and friends and my home. My blessings have been abundant and I look forward continuing to share them.

Share them??? We are hosting a graduation party for my nephew Brian's son Matt who is graduating from Olivette Nazarene College on Saturday. We kind of got volunteered to host. It's OK...should be fun. Carole's coming in. Tim and Gina and Caroline are coming in from St. Looey.
Brian and his wife Debbie (Gosh, I think it's Debbie) are actually throwing the party. Sean will be here and who knows who else. It's nice to be loved.

Enough...I need to get back to work. I just wanted to fill you in on what's going on.

Peace to you and to those you love.


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    Been thinking about you this past week. Taking a class called Teaching with Technology where we're learning how to teach with wikis, create digital stories and all kids of techie stuff. Bummed I missed the party. I'm taking my last effing class RIGHT NOW. Four months squeezed into two weeks. Nice. It is over in eight days. I'm already dreaming about the bloddy mary that awaits... Love to all---

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