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Monday, January 26, 2009

Fifty-Four and so much more

So Mary says, "when are you going to update the blog? People read it, you know." Well readers, here it is. I must honestly say that I haven't really been into writing lately. I am mostly consumed with guitar and frankly, Conan is quite busy most of the time. As you may remember, the AV Guy had considerable down time at work, especially when he was at Thornton. Well, he doesn't go to Thornton anymore and now that he's Conan he's seeing about 350 kids a day. So, here's the news...
  • I'm 54 today. It's great to be alive. I am looking forward to next year when 55 gets me closer to the door.
  • We were off for two days due to cold and one for Martin Luther King' birthday. It was nice to just be at home with Mary with no particular agenda. I should have written the blog then.
  • We had a great time during Christmas. It was very busy. Carole was with us without Daniel. We missed him. Sean and Sabrina were with us for about five days. Tim and Gina and Caroline were here for the weekend. Kevin and Alice and the boys were here a couple of times for a short visit. Dan and Nancy and Pete joined us for Christmas and we got to see Dan and Nancy the Sunday before. It was wonderful seeing them. It has been too long. Of course Charles was here, but not enough. We got to spend some time with Ashlee and her daughter Olivia. We did not see her husband Jordan this time. We had a very nice reception for Aunt Stel which included our cousin Ruth and her husband John. It was a brunch that lasted all day. It was very laid back and nice.
  • We also attended the wedding of our friends Lee and Steve on the 27th. Even though we had a lot of company, we decided that this was an event not to be missed and that our guests would have to fend for themselves while we were gone. They did and we were very glad we got to celebrate with our friends.
  • Tim and I got to spend some time, maybe a little too much time playing music. I really haven't had much opportunity to play with "others" since taking up the guitar. It was very encouraging and I think we both got something out of the sessions.
  • We, includes Nora. It was great to have her home for three weeks. Nora had had such and intense first term that getting a break to be a kid at home seemed to be just what she needed. Her friend Carlin spent a lot of time at our house. A few nights we played board games. I think this was a new experience for Carlin. We had a blast. Carlin left to finish her term in London the Saturday after New Years. It's great having her here. I love hearing those girls laugh like the kids they are but won't be for long.
  • We had a very small new Year's Eve. It was Henry and Pat and Mary and Rob. Nora went back to Rock Island, Karen got stuck in Paris...Tennessee, Angela and Paul (Henry and Pat's daughter and son-in-law) chose other activities and Lee Talley didn't show. I think that was it. I'm blanking if there was someone else, sorry if I am.
  • Traditionally, we have Dave and Gail to hour house on New Year's day. This year I asked if we could flop and go there. They were delighted with the idea and I was thrilled that I didn't have to cook or entertain. We had a delicious carne asada and corn salsa.
  • Speaking of food, Christmas was a meat fest with two beef tenderloins from Berkot's. I did a little shallot and mushroom ragout that really enhanced the meat. Sean was the line chef. We plated the food and Sabrina served. We've never done it that way before but it sure saved a lot of confusion. Family style uses up too many dishes and we still have to get up are refill. I really appreciated the extra hands. I did a muscle and clam thing for Christmas Eve. I loved it, Nora got sick on a bad muscle. I did a really nice hash brown casserole for the brunch. It turned out exactly like I wanted it to. It was sort of like latkes without all the grease. Sean did a very nice barbecue while we were at the wedding. Oh, and the cookies and breads and coffee cakes. Sean, Carole and Kevin out did themselves. I'm still paying the price. There were a couple of take outs. They boys over ordered Gino's pizza one night and we sent whole pies home with Kevin, Tim and Sean. I added shallots, portabello munshrooms and scallops to my famous (Frugal Gormet's) barbecue shrimp. Great additions. Will become part of the recipe hence forth.
  • There was a lot of playing of Guitar Band and Guitar hero.
  • I think we all loved our presents. Mary got a Kindle from Aunt Deb. It's an electronic book where you download books from Amazon for about ten bucks. It's a real big step in technology and reading. I got a Vox Box that allows me to play guitar along with songs on my computer. It's a very exciting piece of equipment that had immediate impact on my playing. On the crazy side, Nora got me Rock Band which is still a lot of fun. No one seems to be able to do the drums yet. Of course these are just some of the exciting things we received and gave. As usual, no one would know we were in a recession based on the exchange of gifts this Christmas season. It's part of our tradition and we love it.

Well, those are the highlights. I know by waiting I probably missed quite a few significant things and maybe some minutia..oh well. Most importantly, we all had a great time. Mary's health has continued to improve and we are thankful for our friends and family.

As always, peace to you and to those you love.



  • At 1:36 PM , Blogger Nancy said...

    Happy Birthday. We loved seeing you and miss you already! Enjoy your day.

    Love, Nancy

  • At 4:56 PM , Blogger Beth said...

    Happy birthday, my friend!

    I chuckled at Mary's nudge, as I was just looking at my Bloglines the other day thinking, "Sheesh, haven't heard from Rob in a while." And now here you are.

    Glad the holidays treated everyone so well.

  • At 1:06 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Happy belated Rob! So sorry we missed you on New Years. Hope it was great. Next year, if we're still invited? It was so awesome seeing you and Mary over the holidays. We love you guys!! Can't wait for more Sherlock...keep me in mind with daddy....

    Angela (&Paul)


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