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Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall already?

Hey There,

Forgive me readers for I have procrastinated. It has been about a month since my last blog entry.
  • Nora has really taken full advantage of her fall term abroad. She really enjoyed her time in London. We traveled there when she was about ten and I think she felt a sense of familiar from the start. She organized two major trips for herself and seven other girls: one to Ireland and the other to Scotland. She saw a number of plays and hit almost every museum. Her friend Carlin is also studying in London and they met up for a day at the Tower. There was great controversy between the published dates for transition to Berlin, Augustana releasing them to go and their train tickets. They lost the train tickets because they could not be exchanged and because the the chunnel was partially closed. It was an expensive mess. The cheap flight to Berlin cost double because of the weight restriction on their luggage. Berlin started off rather rockily with Nora being sick and tired. They stayed in a nice hotel until their hostel was ready for them. The hostel is in east Berlin and needless to say is not in the most charming of neighborhoods. However, Berlin has grown on Nora. They have taken several tours. The one with the greatest impact seemed to be to a concentration camp where the spirits of evil and dead souls seemed to be ever present. Nora also organized a trip to Amsterdam last weekend where they visited Anne Frank's house and took a canal cruise. They plan to go to Paris next weekend. Ironically, one of Nora's teachers is her next door neighbor in Augustana. I think she bribed her with a bottle of champagne in hopes of being forgiven for any past or future neighborly disturbances that may have or will occur. Though ridiculously expensive, it appears that this trip and whole experience has been tremendously valuable. More to come...

  • There appears to be no sign of cancer anywhere in Mary. She is still experiencing some gastro issues. She has been scoped and checked and they think it's primarily a bad bacteria v.s. good bacteria thing. Her weight is way down, but she looks and acts very healthy and for the most part is every bit of her old self...without the stress of teaching freshman English. She and Penny get together for little adventures frequently. We're hoping for confidence to step out a little further. I know this sounds kind of lame but after what she's been through the last few years a little same ole same ole stability is really great. We did attend Henry and Pat's annual weenie roast on an unseasonably warm Saturday a couple of weeks ago. It was very nice, but very hot and mosquitoey. Mary's old beau Bill Binder was there. You will have to ask her for details.

  • I just finished the fall play. We did it festival style outdoors like we did last year. I did the scenery and the sound. I worked practically every Saturday in September and October to get it up and down. I had a few helpers but the old days of a crew call bring a dozen kids for a fun-filled day of set building are truly days of the past. The best I can say is that it is over and all of the platforms and walls are safely put away in the old scenery storage room. All in all things are going well at school. We have a very crowded library today which will make the day go fast. I am really looking forward to spending a free weekend with Mary Ruth with no school activities. You're probably sick of hearing that I love my Stratocaster, but I do and I can't help but express it as often as I feel it. In addition to deepening my relationship with Mary this weekend, I plan to spend some significant time with my Strat as well. Oh, I put the truck up for sale. If you are interested, let me know. I got one hot bite from a Mexican who lives in the neighborhood. He wants to rebuild the engine and take it back to Mexico.

OK, that's just about it for now. Maybe I won't wait a whole month before I update...but then again???

Peace to you and to those you love.



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