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Friday, September 26, 2008

Killing time during communication period

It's Friday and it's the end of the day. We have to stay here until three o'clock. This period is called communication period. It's usually a very busy half hour. We have to do hall duty to ensure the kids exit the building quickly and safely. However, a number of kids like to stick around for clubs and activities and to either get started or to start and finish their homework. Usually, the latter takes place in the library which is why this time generally flys by. But today, there are no kids in here so I'm just killing time.

It's been almost a month since my last entry. First off, Mary is doing very well. Things are not all right with her digestive system. You will have to talk to her to get all of the specific details but the whole situation is being treated by Dr. Kaiser. Mary got an endoscopy which revealed no severe issues. She's due to see him again in October. It looks like it's an inflamation issue that comes and goes. It would be funny if I really emphasized the "goes" part, but...
Other than that, she's still enjoying her visits with Penny. She has driven...I know. Actually, once she backed the van past my friend Bill's brand new Altima without incident all was well.
These may seem like baby steps, but considering what she's been through it's probably best to take it easy.

Nora is in London...well actually, she's in Scotland for the weekend. Last weekend she organized a trip for herself and seven girls to Ireland. One of the highlights might have been winning a whiskey tasting contest at nine in the morning. The Blarney Stone was kissed and I think she really loved what she saw of the country. She was not impressed with Dublin but she was ready to move to the Dingle Penninsula. She only has a week left in London and then she and Jori move to Berlin. Other than the transportation issues, I am having a hard time imagining them repacking their suitcases after living the bohemian life for five weeks.
She gets email and talks to us using Skype, a voice over IP service that allows one to use one's computer as a phone. The best part of this whole trip has been that Nora and her friends have been taking full advantage of being in London. They have seen plays, been to football matches, socialized at pubs, met Londoners, dined with some rich American expats, toured museums and essentially left no stone unturned.

Two minutes and I'm out.
Things in the library are great. I like the kids. I like what I'm teaching and I like the teachers I've been working with. My teaching partner Lisa and I seem to be getting along very well. That makes a big difference.

OK, enjoy the fall weather. I'll try to write sooner.
Thanks for reading this blog.
Peace to you and to those you love.

No time to proof this.


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