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Friday, August 29, 2008

New News Now

Hey Folks,
A lot has been going on since our little foray to Pennsylvania.
  • I had to get ready for school and I had to get school ready for me. I actually started a week early to get the auditorium up to presentational status with lights and sound.
  • Nora went to school a week early to set up house and her room at Augustana. Nora and her roomate Elsa are not going to start the semester together because Nora will be in Europe for her fall term. She wanted to make sure Elsa didn't have to set up the whole house by herself so she packed up and left for a few days. I think the house is set and they had a wild "last hurrah" or "first hurrah" depending how one looks at it to celebrate the new year and Nora's departure.
  • Nora and her traveling partner Jori are now in London living it up. They made it to the hotel they are staying at for a few days before they have to meet up with the official Augustana crowd. Jet lag did hit hard, but by day two they were Londoners. They saw the changing of the guard, hit a pub and have been tooling around in the tube. Sounds like fun.
  • Mary got the official word at Rush yesterday. When she asked the doctor M.D. PhD. when he thought they might declare the transplant a success, he paused and then said, "Now". the look on her face was magical. Now there's still the gastro issue, but I am confident that Dr. Kaiser will deal with that next week when she sees him for an endoscopy. Yeah, another procedure...
  • I'm back in the library teaching and doing library orientations. It's where I belong.
  • How about that convention? Some very interesting speeches. I like what the Democrats are saying and I really like where we say we are headed.

Got a class coming in.




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