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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Last Sunday of Summer

Well, it's been quite a summer. Different than our previous summers, we mostly stayed at home: no week with Carole and Daniel at some interesting point of Americana, no California to see Aunt Debbie and the boys or Aunt Ellen and Emily, no Mendocino and no Calistoga. We wanted to go for a short trip to Galena with Meg and Kathy and Karen, but no. We did, however get to spend five days in Pennsylvania primarily to see Mary's mom Bette. Aunt Debbie arrived in Pennsylvania a few days before us. We were fortunate enough to have been invited to stay with Mary's Aunt Nancy and Uncle Sam. With their beautiful home as our base of operations we were able to visit with Bette, Sam and Nancy's daughter Tammy and her husband Arnie and kids Brett and Haley, Mary's cousin Paul and his wife Judd, Mary's uncle and aunt Dave and Maude and a cousin Frank and his daughter Kaitlin.
Sam and Nancy were excellent hosts. We had some great meals and lots of time to visit. Nancy cleanliness obsession was really to Mary's advantage because she is still pretty much immuneosensitive (my word). We did visit some of our town favorites: Peaceable Kingdom for cards and a visit with the proprietors, Maryann and Gene and we saw Jack, a shopkeeper who sells upscale men's and women's clothing. Usually, Mary and Jack talk about their mutual gastro issues while I shop for discounted end of season merchandise. We also got to take a nice drive to the old camp, around the reservoir, past the spillway and through Luthersberg. Mary didn't get a chance to eat out, but Nora and Bette and Debbie went out a couple of times.
My personal highlight was a skateboard ride that ended in some random neighbor's front yard due to an incredible decent and a botched turn at the bottom of the hill. I thought I broke a rib, but it's feeling much better now. I will train better next time. Nora and I got to play golf at the country club. Once again, we had a great time. I love the country club. If I lived in DuBois, I'd be a member.
All and all it was a great visit that could not have happened without Aunt Nancy and Uncle Sam's hospitality. Thanks again.
When we got back, Mary needed to have a bone marrow biopsy and a PET scan. These were due as part of her 100 day checkup but in this case, Dr. Robin ordered the tests because of a severe drop in white blood cell count before we left for PA. On the day of the biopsy, her cell count was up and Mary said that the biopsy did not hurt as much as it had in the past. The PET scan went well. We will be getting results on Tuesday the 12th. Hopes and prayers for a fine report.
I go back to work tomorrow. Actually, I've stopped in a few times to check on the auditorium lights and sound. Tomorrow is the big Ribbon Cutting ceremony. They are making a big deal out of it. We've been told to dress appropriately. Who's to say what's appropriate to wear to school a week before school actually starts. It kind of pisses me off that I am expected to make the administration look good during my vacation but they have the audacity to tell me how to dress. HMMM I'll get past it.
The rest of the week consists of Mary's Dr. appointments: Robin and Kaiser (She's finally seeing the gastro guy. Boy, is he going to get an earful.), Maybe a last golf and then school officially starts on Friday with more auditorium demands which are yet to be shared with me.
Nora is going back to Augustana on Sunday to set up house with Elsa and then return home for a week before she heads off for Europe for ten weeks.
So that's it. Though different, summer has been fun. I have really enjoyed the family/home time. Nora has been great and it has been wonderful to watch Mary's hair grow back and and to see her get stronger even if the leaps and bounds are actually baby steps and bunny hops.
More to come as we get Mary's reports and school starts and Nora becomes a foreign traveler.
Thanks for reading this blog.
Peace to you and to those you love.
Rob, Mary and Nora.


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