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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy 25th

On the morning of June 25th, 1983 Mary and I woke up to a hot morning with thoughts of preparation for our wedding. We were to be married in Building-J at Prairie State Junior College at one in the afternoon. The morning was hot, Mary was hot and at the time of the wedding the day was sure to be hot. Thoughts of sandwiches, liquor, pop, flowers, music, the minister and our honeymoon downtown consumed us. We dressed for the day: Mary in our neighbor Joan's daughter's eighth grade graduation dress and me in my first suit purchased in my adult life. Both outfits were to be only worn once. Mary's dress was retired as an heirloom and mine, because after I said "I do!" it frankly was never to fit again.
The previous night Mary and I, with the help of Bette and Roy and our friend Tommy cleaned and arranged the wedding venue. Building-J which was later to become the Prairie State child development center, was at that time the theatre. It just so happened that there was no play that weekend and that I still had the keys for the facility (I was an adjunct faculty member) and no one seemed to mind that we were planning on using it for our wedding. Available, accessible and free, what more could one ask?
Well, there is one thing...air conditioning. When we arrived to set up for the ceremony and reception, we immediately noticed the heat and stuffiness of the place. You see, we were unaware that the air conditioning was controlled by Honeywell in Atlanta and with no sanctioned event planned that weekend, no air conditioning was planned either. It took a call from me impersonating an official at Prairie State to Honeywell to get them to turn the air on for the afternoon. Miraculously, it worked.
Mary and I had no Maid of Honor or Best Man. We considered our guests to be our witnesses and thanked them for being such as we handed each a rose as he or she came in. We limited our guests to about sixty. Sorry if you were not invited or sorrier if you were invited and could not attend, ie. Mary's sisters and maybe Jody and Cindy from Ohio and Paula from wherever she was from at the time but that's just how it went. We enjoyed all of our guests. Some of our friends and family were meeting for the first time. That was a bit awkward for some, but I really think everyone was in the spirit of the day and had a great time.
We were married by a Unitarian minister, witnessed by the throng and entertained by a great eighties music mix provided by Tommy and live music by Li and Chris and Tommy. The reception was buffet-style with several huge subs, relish trays and mix and serve your own beverages. The cake was from our local bakery in Riverdale.
We planned for a limited event and the guests/witnesses were thanked and encouraged to leave around five. We did have to clean up leaving no footprint. We distributed the food and much of the beverages among the guests. Our plan was to get home and to get downtown as quickly as we could.
My old '68 Travel all was appropriately decorated with sayings like "Hubba Hubba, Just Married" and such with Limburger on the manifold and tin cans tied to the bumper. The truck was a mess. When we got home, we actually pulled the truck into the garage (probably its first garage stay), grabbed our bags and headed downtown to the Whitehall. We ordered room service and stayed in for the night. The next morning we went to brunch at Arnie Morton's, went back to the hotel, packed up and and headed for home.
The "real honeymoon" consisted of a six-thousand-mile camping trip west to the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, Seattle, etc. and down the coast to Sacramento in the 68' Travel all (which blew an exhaust manifold gasket at the top of Highway 1). The details of that trip exceed the editorial limits of this entry. Maybe I'll do a "Westward ho!" entry later.
So, we married twenty-five years ago. It seems like yesterday. When one hears people exclaim "Where has the time gone?" one can only appreciate it once the time has actually gone.
Every day has been a blessing. Many friends and family have been a major part of that blessing. Nora, of course has been a blessing and a gift.
Well, what more can I say? Twenty-five down, twenty-five to go. Please help us and continue the blessing.
Peace to you and to those you love.

Mary is getting stronger. We took her off an anitbiotic that was making her very sick and we halved a dose of an antiviral that was doing the same. Since that time, Mary is getting stronger and looking better. She actually went out for lunch with some friends at Aurelleo's. They serve a wonderful gluten free pizza. Mary's fave rave is spinach, sausage, onion and mushroom.
Nora will be returning to the nest after a month of study at Augustana. We have really missed her, but we know she has enjoyed this time to extend her school year and to spend some more time with her closest college friends.
My golf game is really coming around and I am really digging my guitar lessons.
Daisy loves her almost-daily walks with Mary and Penny.


  • At 1:01 PM , Blogger Beth said...

    Aw, that's really lovely!

    Happy anniversary, and so glad to hear Mary continues to rebound!

  • At 11:31 AM , Blogger Mary Ruth said...

    I remember our wedding as if it were yesterday. A lot has happened to our guests since that day. Some of the happenings include deaths, births, weddings and divorces, the "cycle of life" stuff. I am happy to say that I know Rob's family a whole lot better. In fact, I had NEVER met Rob's sister, my dear SIL Carole, until that day! Imagine! (By the way, for curious visitors to our home, we have an album of fading pictures that mark the event of our wedding. Anyone can ask to see it at any time.) Anyhow, my life with Rob has been fabulous. I couldn't ask for a better 25 years. Besides being my husband, he is also one hell of a good friend. As I have kept him on the "straight and narrow," he continues to keep me on the "wide and diverse" and still makes me laugh. This laughter keeps me from taking life too seriously which is very important especially as of late. I also look forward to the next 25+ with Rob.
    P.S. Although I am doing a little better every day, I feel like I am taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. My digestive problems yesterday were worse than they have been for a very long time. So far, today is not much better. Even though I am glad that on Tue. despite not feeling that great I took a chance and went to my first "social" outing since the transplant, I feel like my body has punished me for going out and not "wearing my mask" in public like I was supposed to. (At 2:00 in the afternoon there were very few people at Aurelios besides us, and we sat quite a ways from anyone else. I felt as if the embarrassment of my mask wasn't needed. When I wear it, it covers so much of my face that I feel like someone should be handing me a scalpel. Besides, how was I supposed to talk?) My doctor warned me about trying to do too much too soon. Anyway, I won't be able to go out much until my stomach gets a whole lot better. Thank God for Depends! (Oh dear, I can't believe I actually just wrote that. What have I become?)

  • At 11:16 AM , Blogger Amber said...

    Cheers to my ALL TIME favorite couple!


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