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Monday, May 05, 2008


What's not the Democratic National Candidate Spoiler? Check this link and you will find out where Mary is in her treatment.
This has been a very physically and emotionally complicated and exhausting process. Mary is for all intents and purposes doing very well. She up and moving around. There is extreme bathroom time and she continues to wander the ward. The doctors and nurses all expected her to be in bed and under the covers by now, but that's not the case. Complaints??? Sure. She still has food issues. If it's not the Celiac then it's the limited selection or the texture or the taste or the fact that what recently goes in, quickly finds its way out. She says it's like having the flu. Who feels like eating when you don't feel like eating?
Nora was in this weekend. It was great to see her and to have some company at home. Her visits with Mary were very positive. Bringing her humor and her love of family to into this situation was like cracking a window in a stuffy room. She was patient and kind and attentive and, of course, funny. On Sunday, Nora was wearing her Delta Chi sweatshirt and one of the nurses noticed and said "The only Delta Chi I know of is from Augustana." And lo and behold, she was a COG when she was at Augie ten years ago. It was really fun to watch these two strangers meet at Rush and have a discussion about sorority life at Augustana. And of course, Mary was delighted to hear all the little tidbits of gossip and to see a kind of validation of her daughter's activities at college through a well respected nurse on her ward. It is a small world.
Mary has had some other visitors as well. Fr. Charles stopped by last week and our friend Dave Konkol rode his bike over Sunday afternoon. Godpa (Henry Showers) said he would drop in this week while is in the city for a meeting.
So, here is where we stand.
  • Mary has had tremendous chemo
  • She's had the transplant of her stem cells
  • She supposedly has hit her nadir (see vocabulary lesson above)
  • And she should be on her way to building new bone marrow which is a slow process. (see article) probably ten days or so.
  • Then she will come home and all will be well again

Thanks for all of your prayers and calls and notes of support. I truly think they have contributed to Mary's healing process (and mine).

Hey, and while we are thanking...Thanks Penny for stopping in and taking Daisy for a walk and for a treat most days. Nora noticed that Daisy is attention starved and that she will be very happy when her mom returns home.

OK, that's it for now. Feel free to call me for Mary's number or to send her a card.

Rush Medical Center

Room 1007 Kellogg

1653 Congress Parkway

Chicago, Il 60612

Peace to you and to those you love.



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