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Friday, May 23, 2008

...the end is near

No, not that...God forbid. School's almost over. That would be work for you lucky retirees. I'm at my kitchen table writing this almost as if I were at work. I got up at regular time in preparation for going to Rock Island this morning to bring Nora home. Actually, it's more like bringing Nora's crap home. She will be driving the luxurious '96 Lumina and I will be in the neglected mini van. So I am actually killing time because I can't leave too early because our little second-year would not be ready to roll until after ten a.m. That's OK. I am sure there was some celebrating the end of this term last night. Hell, I'm ready to celebrate the end of both her and my terms. We will only have Nora home for a week, however because she is going to take two classes in the summer term which are costing us a fortune but will pay off in the long run when she hopefully will graduate in 2010, coincidentally the year of my retirement. Whoo, run ons are fun when they are not being graded.

Mary is doing very well. She says that she feels like shit, but she looks good. Her attitude is positive and her gastro/intestinal issues seem to be subsiding. She is eating much better now and is able to actually ask for various foods maybe because her taste and appetite are coming back. That's an excellent sign of recovery. Our visit with DR. Fung revealed that her cells are doing marvelously and that he is ready to pass her back to Dr. Robin after our visit on Wednesday. That is great news.

School for me is coming to an end. I can't express enough how returning to the library has had a
positive impact on my school experience. I really enjoy having daily interaction with kids. I like the actual library work and believe it or not, I think I am getting along very well with Lisa, the "head" librarian with whom I had a very ugly confrontation my first week on the job. We seem to be getting along. I can only say "seem to" because my perceptions of relationship with certain people has not been on the mark lately. I was going to title this blog "F*cked by the Black Caucus again..." but chose not to because that is not the point of today's post. But, I can't post without making some mention that I was deposed from my role as building Vice-President by a write-in campaign, not by the candidate who won, but by the black members of our faculty who decided it was time to put a black person in that role. It was pretty underhanded, but politically astute and obviously well executed.
I don't actually know who started it, but I have heard that there were phone calls to the black faculty members as to who to write in and then there were fliers placed in black teachers' mailboxes reminding them to do so. I never saw it coming and nore did any of my non-black colleagues. The saddest thing is that the person they elected is a friend of mine and did not want the job. She and I talked many times about whether we should switch roles and have her be the VP and I would be a Rep. She was always adamant that we should keep things as they were. I guess it's for the best. I had been very dissatisfied with our Association leadership for some time now. In fact, I had proclaimed numerous times that once the contract was settled that I would resign my post and let them figure the rest out. I guess I got my wish. So, I'm pretty done with the Association. I'm going fair share or anything like that, but it is obvious that it's time for me to focus on other things.
Oh, F*cked twice??? They did it to me when I ran for President three years ago. Then they cried with who they got. It's not sour grapes, but "Screw 'em" it's not going to be my union in two years anyway. The saddest thing is that this Black Caucus has caused a racial division in our building that never seemed to be there in the past. I guess it's an exercise in power and empowerment. Unfortunately it's misguided and misplaced. This discussion could go on and on, but I have to hit the road.
We will be around this summer. Feel free to call, email or drop us a line. Healthy guests are welcome. We may get Mary on the porch yet.
Peace to you and to those you love.


  • At 9:29 AM , Blogger Amber said...

    Bought some gluten free rolls the other day in a gesture of solidarity with Mary... Glad to hear Mary continues to prevail and that you have a well deserved break soon. Hi to all!


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